Is virtual reality entering the slot gaming world?

What once was a science fiction dream has now become a reality. Virtual reality has taken the video game world by storm and it not hard to see why. Sony’s Ps4 headset and the oculus rift were some of the highest selling video game hardware in the past four years which means virtual reality gaming is not just a popular fad. It is here to stay.

But virtual reality isn’t content to just live in the world of video games at Oh no, believe it or not, you can now use virtual reality to play slot games online. But how?

The virtual reality casino

That might sound like a far off concept but virtual reality casinos are now a thing. All the player needs to do is slip on their virtual reality headset and find a casino that supports these types of slot games.

But why play in virtual reality?

Virtual reality slot games

When you slip on the headset and log in, you play one slot game at a time right. That’s how it is normally done. You log in, play the game and log out if you want to play another one. Not with virtual reality.

Instead, when the player enters the site with their headset, they are transported to a room with up to 40 slot games. They can move freely between these slots, using virtual reality to simulate the experience of a real casino.

In a way, virtual reality combines all of the benefits of slot games online and a brick and mortar casino. Bu there is so much more.


The virtual reality slot game has another feature that separates it from other slot games online. That is its chat feature. By using virtual reality, players can play slot games and talk to other players on the site in real time. No delays, no need to type incessantly or use a separate device.

Virtual reality slot games are bringing players together in a way that most thought unthinkable.

Other casino games

It is not just slot games online that are getting the virtual reality treatment. It is almost every online casino game that you can think of. From poker, blackjack, roulette and even bingo, you can use virtual reality to play casino games with all of the benefits afforded when playing slot games online.

Imagine how good a live casino game show is in virtual reality.

The future

If the trends of virtual reality in the video game world are anything to go by, virtual reality is not going away any time soon. In fact, with all of the benefits it affords players it looks like virtual reality will go from strength to strength.

Virtual reality is not just entering the world of slot games, it looks as if it is going to become a very prominent part of their future.