Should I Play the Same Slot Games?

There are two types of people who play online slot games. Those that like to move around from slot game to slot game, occasionally returning to the ones they enjoyed the most but generally finding new things most of the time, and those who have played the same slot game for quite some time and are perfectly content on playing it for quite some time to come also – play Rainbow RIches free game on mobile.

Either one of those types of people will tell you that their way is the way to do it. The ‘searcher’ as we will call them, will have a bunch of good reasons as to why it is good to move around a lot, whereas the ‘stayer’ (those who don’t bother refreshing) will convincingly explain why they’re happy as they are.

We’re leaning towards one side, if we’re quite honest with you, but at the end of the day it is down to the individual. However, maybe it’s time for us to shed a little light on both sides of the argument so that you can make a more clued up decision as to which side to opt for yourselves.

The ‘Searcher’

The main advantage of changing from slot game to slot game is that the chances are, there is always going to be a better one out there. With all the thousands of online slot games that are available, there is a very slim chance that you will have already found the one that is perfect for you.

And even if, by some miracle, you already have, then there is also a very big chance that in the not-so-distant future, another, better slot game will come along and beat it.

It’s a convincing argument to keep moving around, even if you do find yourself leaning towards some, some of the time.

The ‘Stayer’

Correct us if you think that we’re wrong, but we feel like the only real advantage of staying with the same slot game all of the time is for the comfort of it, or the nostalgia.

While this is a nice thing, and also while we have nothing against the idea of returning to a small handful of games to play for months, or even years, we also feel like you might find yourself missing out if you don’t shop around for a new slot game from time to time.

The Verdict

Overall, we’re going to take the side of the ‘searcher’ on this one.

No-one is saying that you need to try a new slot game every single time you play, but there is never any harm in trying something new once every now and then. You’d be surprised by how often online slot games come out if you have been out of the loop for a while, so why not take some time to have a bit of a browse around next time you log on. You never know what you might find.

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