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Should poker newcomers play online first?

Newcomers to the game of poker often wonder whetheritwould be better playing the live version or playing online. While a case can definitely be made for both, there are a number of good reasons why it is a good idea for newcomers to the game to initiate themselves by first partaking in online poker.

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 Losing less money

Poker is unlikely to be an easy game to learn for most newcomers, with experience and hard work vital to learning how to play in the best way, which is one good reason why it is better to start out playing online. The majority of online poker sites will actually offer free rolls to newcomers, enabling them to learn the game without having to risk any of their own money, while still having the chance to win some.

Micro stakes games are also offered by almost all online poker sites. It is probably unwise to play nothing else but free rolls, but for newcomers who are nervous about losing their own money, micro stakes games offer them the chance to play for real without needing a massive deposit or bankroll.

Poker games in the real world require a lot more money to get started than is the case online. This is fine if you have enough money to play such high stakes, but for those who do not, online poker is a much safer bet when starting out.

 More hands played every hour

Experience is crucial and online casinos are better at providing that experience than casinos in the real world because they offer the chance to play more games per hour. Players of online poker are actually dealt around five times as many hands in one hour than is the case in a real casino, and even more hands are possible once a player begins to multi-table.

Players have no say in how slowly or quickly cards are dealt by a live dealer, and slow dealers can cut down on your winnings if you are doing well. However, the automatic shuffling and dealing of cards in a virtual poker game means that this will not happen online.

 No need for a poker face

Many people just do not have the ability to have a good ‘poker face’, making it easy for opponents in the real world to tell whether or not they have a good hand. In online poker, however, no one can see the other players’ faces, which means that an inability to hide emotions is no longer an issue.

 Dealing with bad beats

There are many bad beats online, but poker sites are not rigged. Because hands are dealt much more frequently, it is inevitable that players will encounter more bad beats than would be the case in the real world. However, the good news is that dealing with so many bad beats teaches online poker players how to deal with them much more quickly.

Online poker is simple to play and a more cost-effective method for newcomers to learn how to play the game.