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Etiquettes of Blackjack in Indonesia: Body Language, Etiquette Guidelines, and More Knowledge

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in Indonesia. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards, and it has an element of strategy. Therefore, it’s important to know the rules for blackjack before you play – or else you could lose money! This article will explore some etiquettes of Blackjack that every player should follow when playing at an Indonesian casino.

6 etiquettes of Blackjack that every player should follow in an Indonesian casino:

  1. Make sure to stay in the area where gambling is allowed. Gambling outside of this area will lead to an automatic forfeit of all winnings and a hefty fine from casino security staff. Some casinos even have loudspeaker announcements that warn players not to gamble near non-gambling areas
  1. Dealers are there for one reason – to deal cards. They are not there to hand out advice or help you count your cards
  1. Always keep in mind that dealers should always be trusted and respected, but never feared. Most casinos have a strict policy where if any player intimidates the dealer, they will automatically forfeit all winnings and be escorted from the premises immediately by security staff
  1. Know the rules of blackjack. Read them beforehand, and take note that some casinos may have their own variations on the game.
  1. Each player should only place bets that they are willing to lose. Once a bet has been placed, it cannot be withdrawn. Try this at Bandar bola now!
  1. The most common strategy for blackjack players – and the one recommended by casinos themselves – is Basic Strategy. This means following the rules of placing your cards in order from the lowest card (or at 0) to the highest card depending on what you want them to do: Stand, Hit, Double Down, Split Pairs.

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