How to play poker online for money

For many, online poker sites are entertainment. For others, it can be a source of income. If you’re interested in playing real money poker games and profiting from it, let’s take a look at how it can be done.

How to play real money online poker games

You can follow these simple steps to play online poker games for real money.

Build a Bankroll

you need to set apart the money that you will need to start. You can start small – in fact, it’s recommended. Many sites offer micro-stakes online poker games, that you can play for a few cents of dollars. However, you will likely need to pay hundreds, maybe thousands of games if you want to profit and improve your skill significantly.

Also, most real money poker sites have a first deposit bonus promotion, meaning if you deposit anywhere between $ 20 to $ 1000 usually you get a nice bonus such as 100% of your deposited value. You can find a nice promotion that gives excellent returns to your investment. This brings us to the next step…

Research online poker sites

There are many options of real money poker sites to choose from. Ideally, you want a place that has:

  • Good promotions, such as a Rakeback deal.
  • Soft poker games, meaning, full of fish (weak players).
  • Decent traffic, so you have who to play with. This can vary according to the stakes and type of games you play.
  • Trustworthy, that your deposits and cashouts will be handled honestly and with no evidence of bots, collusion, or any types of scams.
  • That the desired online poker site or app is legal in your country. If not, some players rent accounts and use VPN to play anyway.
  • That the site or app has decent software. For example, some offer mobile apps, others are only played on web browsers. Some require you to download the software and require constant updates and some run more smoothly than others. This point is offset by the others: some poker rooms have crappy software, but soft games and good promos that make it worth it nonetheless.

The best way to find all this information is with the help of agents such as Donkhunter. They are constantly scouting and reviewing online poker sites for the best conditions, have a team of professional players that reports any issues (like bots, scams) immediately, and can even get you an exclusive Rakeback deal! It’s by far the most time-efficient method of going by this, as checking every poker site personally would take too long and also cost you a bit.

Create your account

After you’ve decided on the site or app you’re going to play at, you can create your account. Preferably, use some of the money you initially set apart for poker games to get a nice first deposit bonus (sometimes also called welcome bonus).

Most real money poker sites require you to provide some form of personal identification, most often proof of your identity (driver’s license, face picture) and your residence. Some do not, or claim to, but only for creating your account and depositing the money. When you request a withdrawal, it will be asked from you. So beware!

Once again, you can use DonkHunter’s services to assist you and advise you with the process. Even for online poker sites that are exclusive to residents of a certain country, they usually know how to help you with that.

Play real money poker games!

Now you’re all set to start playing. Be sure to use a consistent strategy, start small, and build a bigger bankroll. Gradually, you will increase your skill as a player and be able to play higher stakes. Good luck!